Hove Shirt S/S Ad

Product code: D110000206

Hove Shirt S/S Ad

Product code: D110000206
Colour: NAVY / RED / WHITE
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The Hove jersey by Erreà at first might look like the traditional competition gear for sports such as football, rugby, volleyball or the like. When you look at it closely, however, you will discover its great features. This shirt for adults is made of Ti-Energy, a state-of-the-art fabric that is indeed technologically advanced. Thanks to the use of silver and titanium nano-particles, this fabric is water-repellent, antibacterial, stain-resistant and it eases blood flow. This fabric, however, provides further advantages: The Ti-energy fabric helps maintaining a constant body and muscle temperature. By improving tissue oxygenation, it helps eliminate toxins, release any build-up of lactic acid, recover from inflammations and micro-traumas, and it quickens recovery from muscular traumas. If you love sport and aim higher and higher, this unisex short-sleeve jersey for adults is just what you need.

Unisex shirt (for men and women). Made with sublimation printed fabric. Collar with colour-customisable piping. Raglan short sleeves. Hemmed sleeve cuffs. Semi-snug fit. Colour-customisable. Suitable for any sport. Classical design with vertical stripes.

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