Adara Shirt L/S Ad

Product code: U710L000028

Adara Shirt L/S Ad

Product code: U710L000028
Colour: WHITE / NAVY
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The Adara by Erreà long-sleeve technical shirt has, on both its front and its back, a technical contrasting jacquard-woven design that conveys character and dynamism to this garment. Thanks to its fabric, which is soft, resistant and breathable, this garment absorbs and quickly wicks moisture and sweat away, towards the outside. The special texture on the back has been specifically designed to provide a massage effect during physical activity, for optimal comfort. The 3D-inlaids in the main areas where sweating occurs, preserve an optimal internal micro-climate, thus preventing energy dispersion that occurs when the body is continually warmed up or cooled down. In addition, the special bacteriostatic polyamide fabric improves ventilation, keeps the body at a constant temperature and maintains a perfect internal micro-climate. This undershirt is part of the 3DWear Tech+ base layer line, which perfectly combines features such as breathability, comfort, resistance, thermal protection, and 365 days/year all-weather suitability.

Shirt, technical base layer sports apparel. Long sleeves. Unisex (for men and women). Is part of the Tech+ line. Suitable for any type of sport. May be used all the year round. High breathability. Superior comfort. A combination of resistance and breathability. Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified.

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