Vbc Pomì Casalmaggiore Win The 2015 Women's Volleyball Supercup

A very long Erreà derby fought down to the last point, just as expected between the two stars of last season, VBC Pomì Casalmaggiore and Igor Gorgonzola Novara. In the end it was Pomì Casalmaggiore who triumphed, confirming the tradition of the Italian Champions winning the Italian Supercup.

The Pomì team, coached by Massimo Barbolini, on its return to Italy following its club and national experience in Turkey, took to the pitch with Lloyd as setter, Kozuch as wing spiker, Stevanovic and Gibbemeyer as middle blockers, Piccinini and Tirozzi as outside hitters and Sirressi as libero. Luciano Pedullà responded with Signorile as setter, Fabris as wing spiker, the pair of middle blockers from the national side Chirichella and Guiggi, Cruz and C. Bosetti as outside hitters and Sansonna as libero.

A fast pace for a spectacular and balanced contest lasting more than two and a half hours, at the end of which the Italian champions overcame Igor Gorgonzola Novara 3-2 in the tie break, following the trend of the whole match which inevitably was decided by a photo finish. Pomì Casalmaggiore therefore starts the season with another win after having won the shield five months ago, once again beating Novara. Well done!!!