Who We Are

Erreà Sport S.p.a. is an Italian company specialised in the production of technical-athletic apparel; it is a leading brand renowned at a national and international level.

Erreà was founded in 1988 at San Polo di Torrile (Parma, Italy) by the Gandolfi, a family passionate about soccer and sport in general. Once a soccer player and a team manager, Angelo Gandolfi eventually decided to embark in a new adventure and make his dream come true. He therefore combined his love for sport with his attention to details, a characteristic that has always been peculiar to him, and in 1988 he began to produce the first Erreà technical athletic apparel.

In a few years, thanks to the high quality of its products, the greatest attention to design details and its excellent customer service, Erreà grew unrestrained. It became the technical sponsor to a number of sports clubs, from junior amateur teams to some of the most famous clubs in Italy and around the world: not just football, but also volleyball, basketball, rugby and other sports. Our values reflect the strictest values of true athletes, who do not want to accept any compromise when physical exercise is most demanding: that is why so many teams have chosen our technical athletic apparel. 

To achieve excellence, however, we know that innovation is a must. That is why next to the "Erreà" range of garments, we have also developed our "3D Wear", a base layer line conceived by our Erreà Sport team for athletes who train for winning. These products are the ideal solution for athletes, at all levels, who wish to feel at ease even in the most demanding conditions, as they are produced with the most innovative and sophisticated fabrics. We know the athletes who wear our products and we endeavour to always provide them with garments that help them burst out all the energy and strength they need to perform: that is why we have worked in close collaboration with osteopaths and physiotherapists to create ActiveTense, the crown jewel in Erreà’s 3D Wear range. Thanks to an elastic skeleton (exoskeleton) in resin, this product can improve both joint stability and the muscular function of the groups to which it is applied. As well as having a greatly positive impact on our athletes' body, all our 3D Wear range is Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified. This assures that all our garments do not contain harmful substances that may cause harm to those who produce them or those who wear them. We are particularly proud of this certification since we obtained it thanks to our production chain, that we directly and fully control. 

Based on the great experience in sportswear, in 2009 Erreà launched a new line of apparel: "Republic", a new range designed for young people who want to freely invent their style and rules. For a company that has dealt for so many years in sportswear, following the rules of the fashion world has not been an easy task. However, as for any important change we need to face, the initial difficulties have been overcome and the efforts have been amply repaid by the success met by the resulting products.

The idea behind our "Republic" range of garments is curious and interesting, and is certainly worth sharing with you briefly. As for many things in life, everything began with a first step, which then led to the following one. In our case, "Republic" was born in 2009 from a pair of trousers: the "Drake" model. It was worn by goalkeepers during training and, being highly stretchable and durable, it soon became a comfortable piece of garment to wear also during leisure time. Since athletes wore the "Drake" trousers outside the playing pitch or court, the garment caught the attention of the public, so that we decided to market it at our Erreà stores, where it obtained an unexpected success. We then wondered what the secret of this garment was, and asked the question directly to our customers in order to understand exactly what it was they appreciated so much. It came out that the success of the "Drake" trousers was due, not only to their quality and comfort, but also to the Erreà logo printed on the right leg. Thanks to our customers' feedback and to our response to their needs we therefore launched a new model of "Drake" trousers, offering them the possibility to select a custom colour for the Erreà logo. This initiative too obtained great success. We therefore added also sweaters, T-shirts and other garments to this line, that we chose to call "Republic" to emphasise the concept of freedom: the freedom to customise garments, and to create one's own rules and look. 

To grow and become "big", however, does not imply drifting away from one's own origins. Despite the international vocation of our business, Erreà remains strictly linked to the area where it was born: all the manufacturing phases are carried out within the historical headquarters of San Polo di Torrile, which today cover an area of 15,000 square metres. The technical sponsorship of Parma Calcio is only the highlight of Erreà's ability to combine its heart and emotions with its professionalism in the territory and in the community it sprung from.

Nowadays Erreà Sport, based on the experience gained throughout the years, produces customised sportswear and garments thanks to two fundamental factors: the internal and direct management of the entire production chain and the creativity and skills of its graphic designers. One of of Erreà's great prides is that it produces all of its products in-house, which means that the products are conceived, designed and manufactured within the corporate plants. This assures a final product of excellent quality and delivery of a flawless customer service, capable of satisfying any need, even at short notice.

At Erreà, we take pride in offering high quality technical apparel, characterised by innovative design and state-of-the-art materials, to allow the athletes who choose our products to attain ever better performance.